Once upon a winters day a family went to the seaside.  A mum, a dad, their children and their 5-year-old nephew. The sea was rough that day. The kids had a wonderful time, chasing the waves as they drew back into the sea and then running away as fast as they could as the waves surged back up the beach. It was so much fun.  When it was time to go mum and dad called to the kids and turned to collect their bags …… but their 5-year-old nephew wanted to stay so he remained by the water’s edge.

Suddenly, a large surging wave roared onto the beach.  The little boys’ legs could not outrun it! He was swept into the deep water so quickly that his family could not save him.

Tragedy only takes a second! …………………………………………………………………

On that winter’s day, Pearl Beach, July 2014, a little boy drowned.

There are so many people who simply do not know the dangers of the ocean.

This could easily have been my family; this could easily have been yours!

Would you have the known the dangers and what to do?

My name is Louise Lambeth and I am an Ocean Beach surf lifesaver. My club was involved in this search and rescue that all too soon became a search and recovery.

Annie and the Waves has the exact same risk components that occurred that day at Pearl Beach, a moments lapse in supervision, a small child alone by the waters edge, a surging wave…. but my story was written 2 years before this tragedy…. I began to wonder.. what if that family had read this book, potentially this drowning could have been prevented.

Drowning is preventable but in 2018/19 276 people still drowned across Australia.

Additionally, 828 people experienced non-fatal drowning that can lead to lifelong medical complications.  Staggeringly, 42% of these were children aged 0-4!

We must change the way we think about being safe around water.

Imagine if we could help to make this change simply by reading a book? Not just any book – a water safety children’s book!